Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Micro Touch One safety razor - somebody else noticed it looks like a Weishi

First, I love "Pawn Stars." Figured out early on that it's staged - come on, they've got a camera in their faces; it has to be (ditto "American Pickers," which I like too) - but I don't care; it's a more entertaining version of PBS's "Antiques Roadshow." Anyway, I recently noticed that Rick Harrison's selling a Chinese copy of my two '50s-'60s Gillettes, the Micro Touch One.

A few years ago I tried the ultra-shiny chrome Weishi, a copy of my Gillettes. The twist-to-open knob jammed after a couple of months. My 50-year-old razors still work. My daily shave is a '60s one I got as new old stock (unused; new condition) - the only difference from the '50s is the handle's painted black. Edwin Jagger cream from England, Astra platinum-plated blades from Russia, a badger-hair brush on a metal stand, and of course a hot shower and hot water in the sink, and I'm good to go. Makes shaving an art form and fun; it's second only to a straight razor at a barbershop. If I want to see a nice finish, I just polish the Gillette with a shammy and Scrubbing Bubbles.

Bet the Micro Touch One is a Weishi.
Just go on eBay and buy an antique razor for the same price. It'll last forever, and give a better shave, I'm sure. I love my 1955 Gillette.
USA! USA! The golden-era USA, anyway.
Maybe we can negotiate?
"It's $19.99."
"How about $5? It's just a stinkin' Weishi."
"I'll do $15."
"How about $10? Don't you read shave forums?"
"OK, $12; that's my final offer."
"OK, and free shipping; shake on it."
(Cut to Chumlee shaving with it segment, cuts self, Old Man gives him hard time.)
More plus shaving tips.

It never really was a high-end shop but a scuzzy place to pawn stuff for last-minute gambling money, etc. I understand now it's about half that stuff and half merchandise related to the show (I♥CHUMLEE T-shirts, etc.); the stars (owners and Chumlee) never come out except for filming. The childlike Chumlee, Corey's friend, was hired at the shop to do the show because he's colorful; the producers were right as he's viewers' favorite (Chumlee merch is the best selling).


  1. I inherited my father's razor. I suspect it's at least 50 years old. I have no idea what the make is, since it is there is nothing on it. But it still works perfectly. I see no reason to buy another one. I also inherited his badger brush, too, and I also have no idea how old it is.

  2. I don't have a TV connection myself, but I've seen plenty of the show at other peoples' houses. Sure, it's obviously staged, but astute viewers can still pick up a lot of good tips for negotiating. I particularly like Rick's hissing, slightly-derisive laugh. It sort of says "I'm a friendly guy, so I'm going to laugh at your very funny joke of an offer- it was a joke, right? 'Cause if it wasn't, you're an idiot".

  3. I bought an old school safety razor and loved it. Best investment ever and I still spend less than I ever did when I used a Mach 3

  4. Nice razor. Easily compared to the top merkur and dovo's right here. Too expensive though


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