Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tomorrow's canonizations

I'm just ignoring them, not trying to deny their validity - I don't have to. There are thousands of saints, most of whom I know little about. John XXIII was a '50s Pope, good-hearted and far less liberal than the lovers of Vatican II suppose. (Things he actually said: Step up the teaching of Latin in seminaries. Don't ordain homosexuals. Bet you won't read those about him in the National Catholic Reporter.) The right people in the culture wars hated John Paul the Overrated. He was a target because he defended the teachings of the church (unlike the current occupant of the See of Peter?). That said, I have no devotion to either of them. Vatican II was a disaster, and I remember what the American church was like under JP2; the liberals ran it, and the English of the new Mass was still an iffy paraphrase. And under JP2 you had the cave-in on altar girls. These canonizations are church politics, promoting the council. Like Francis' papacy, they're the old liberals' last hurrah. Meanwhile, the church in the First World keeps getting smaller. But it's also getting more conservative because conservatives are becoming the only remaining practicing Catholics.

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