Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'58 Edsel, '61 Plymouth wagon, and Hotsy Totsy: Collingswood, NJ May Fair

A fine car. I don't understand its bad rap other than its unexciting name, after one of Henry Ford's sons. People hated the "horse-collar" grille. The '59 slight restyling is even better; the desperate complete redesign for '60 (as with the whole make that year) unattractive.

Hotsy Totsy, a local favorite at fairs and around Christmas. Impressive vocal chops: harmonies and sustained high notes. Not a satire of the past, thank God, but rather creative anachronism like the movie Streets of Fire (a fantasy of the '80s as more like the '50s): Lady Gaga, et al., done in exactly the style of the Andrews Sisters, as well as great covers of the original. When they sing, I literally stop and listen.

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  1. What, no Rootin Tootin to go along with Hotsy Totsy?


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