Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Agent provocateurs, and more


  1. Why "evangelization" as opposed to, say, "family" or "tradition?"

    As you've probably gathered from my posts, I am extremely skeptical of "evangelism" at this point, with Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants all tripping over each other in every corner of the world.

    I have not seen any hard numbers, but I've been told the contact-to-conversion ratio is in the single digit percentages. That seems to correlate with my experience, and I'm also betting it's something the academic theologians won't touch with a ten-foot pole. I've also read the biggest factor in retention is not the intensity of the conversion experience but the ability to fit in socially.

    The biggest bang for the buck would seemingly be to nurture Christian families in the pews, not troll for middle-aged converts. It's not as if nobody knows where to find us.

    1. You're right. That reminds me: I don't think anybody reads their way into Mormonism (converts because of the theology). Some convert either because of marriage like Ann Romney or because they want the rather conservative culture. By the way, I understand Mormon missions don't work; they're just busywork to indoctrinate young Mormons into their culture.


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