Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ecumenism: the great apostolic family, and more

  • Great apostolic family, not branch theory.
  • Nicea 2025: probably a whole lotta nothin'.
  • Why not only seven councils? Tempting to some. After all, when you go for a branch theory and/or Vincentian canon (Declaration of St. Louis) adopting the supposed Orthodox view of only seven (some say nine), you still more or less get Catholicism. (As you do with the Nestorians and Monophysites and they have even fewer councils. Throughout the East, immemorial custom picks up the slack, most of the time.) Of course no: true church and church infallibility, and I can't buy the church going mute for a millennium. Also, Modestinus points out more liberal hypocrisy: downgrading 14 councils is cool, but questioning parts of one (which didn't define any doctrine) puts you outside the church?
  • Clerical marriage doesn't boost vocations even in cultures that are used to it. A seminary graduates three men this year. Celibacy isn't a hill I'd die on - the East has every right to clerical marriage - but still.


  1. Very interesting links. Have you eve read this:

    which may be tangentially relevant?

  2. Clerical celibacy these days is protected by brute financial considerations. If they want married priests having kids and not using contraceptives, they'll have to start paying them something close to a living wage. That means either big increases in the weekly collections, or drastic cuts in diocesan expenses (probably both). It also means priests would be less able to suddenly uproot themselves and go to other parishes (kids have to change schools, wife needs a new way to get to work etc.) These are about as likely as a Vatican Air Force composed of flying pigs.


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