Sunday, May 04, 2014

Good Shepherd Sunday

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  1. "Are Millennials too boring?"

    Sometime last year, I saw two late-20s comediennes performing a very funny song that said everything that needed to be said about the worst vice of the Millenials. It was called "It feels like I'm dating your iPhone".

    If I'm in somebody's company, I may on rare occasions check to see who called or sent me a text message, if I know it's probably something urgent, but I always start by apologizing for the interruption to the person with whom I was speaking, politely explaining the situation and why it can't wait. When I'm done, I briefly apologize again- "Sorry about that"- before returning to conversation. Too many people these days (particularly but not exclusively Millennials) won't even give you that basic courtesy- when you're in mid-sentence, they just whip out the phone like you don't exist, then afterward go back to talking with you as if nothing happened.


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