Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Inflation, Bundy and Sterling, and more

  • From LRC: How inflation drinks your milkshake.
  • Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. Bundy is not a racist; rather he was expressing the value of work vs. welfare, a standard conservative talking point even as other, more mainstream conservatives play into the liberals' frame (trying to claim Martin Luther King for example); Bundy won't have that so the media went after him. Not a word from him against real equal opportunity (as opposed to affirmative-action set-asides/quotas/reverse discrimination) as far as I know. Sterling arguably is a racist but so what? A "bigot" who hires blacks for million-dollar salaries, has a half-black mistress (seems she tried to blackmail him by illegally recording a private conversation), is a liberal Democrat and big donor to the NAACP, and, as he's pointed out trying to defend himself, is a Jew. Anyway, he has the right to associate or not with anyone he wants. If he doesn't want his mistress seen with Magic Johnson, so what? He has the right not to invite him to the owner's box at the stadium. The thought police want to take away his right to own property because of it. Some libertarians say the NBA has the right to make rules against owners with Sterling's views but it's still outrageous. Also, neither Bundy nor Sterling are smooth talkers so they became convenient targets, unlike more articulate liberals who self-segregate and know how to get away with it.
  • More from Jeff Culbreath on Pope Francis. The Pope can't change the church's teachings so I hardly give Francis a second thought. It won't affect me unless the official church locally goes all low-church liberal again (repealing Pope Benedict's liturgical-text reform), in which case there's the SSPX.
  • RIP Jerry Vale.

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