Monday, May 19, 2014

Is divorce contagious?

From an email circle:
One of the more interesting bits of modern social science is that divorce spreads like a disease (or for Christians... like leavening). If couples A and B know each other and A divorces, B is more likely to divorce in the future. It appears that female social networks tend to drive this phenomenon.
Knowing nod from manosphere pundits.
Therefore churches that in any way sanction divorce are likely to face divorce epidemics as divorce spreads from couple to couple. And since family life is the basis of church attendance you will see an overall decline in church life. So this isn't about being "pastoral" so much as devils scratching at the gates.

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  1. The opposite is true. Churches that celebrate marriage and support young families experience baby booms. You may be thinking LDS, and you'd be right, but I've never been there. I'm speaking of a Prot church I used to attend.

    I stopped attending because I'm unambitious and racist (not kidding).


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