Saturday, May 31, 2014

Is the U.S. still British-controlled through the Masons?

Mostly hooey (if the Vatican is part of a powerful conspiracy, it's sure doing a rotten job promoting Catholicism in mainstream society), but I know the Rhodes Group/CFR was part of the handover of the British Empire from London to Washington, not really giving up control. Even in the late 1800s, British leaders saw that they'd run out of resources and money to run the empire as it was so they planned for the shift, which started to happen after WWI as Britain went broke and accelerated with the Depression (Britain gave independence to its white colonies such as Canada) and WWII (unloading the Asian and black colonies afterwards). Washington seems to call the shots but you never know. Don't forget Freemasonry, which owns the British establishment and has deep inroads in America: look at the values of our elite, basically the same as theirs. Maybe the irreligious, liberal mother country still rules us. The Crown's Masonic; they don't secretly work for the Pope, as much as some Anglo-Catholics wished they did. The Holy See thought maybe a system that still had a Christian king and some kind of bishops had the best chance among Protestants of coming back. Alas.

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