Monday, May 05, 2014

Left-right alliances? Probably not

  • From the Pittsford Perennialist: Ralph Nader on possible left-right alliances. Not entirely sold on this. I found that it didn't work regarding protesting the Iraq war (maybe because the left never really was for peace; com-symps who are happy now that they've taken over the establishment). Conservative observers (real conservatives, not TV talking heads) have noted that letting the ruling liberals set the frame for the discussion concedes defeat before you even start. Ex-Army quoting Frank Roman: conservatives "often end up making convoluted liberal arguments toward an illiberal end," and paleos and good integralist Catholics such as third-wayers point out that even my all-American modus of classical liberalism/soft libertarianism/right-libertarianism might be part of the problem. But it's still a nice idea that Joshua Snyder has had since his old blog from Korea. What if the rednecks and the early, clean-cut SDS sat down and talked to each other? I haven't seen it yet to prove it, but he says Easy Rider is a conservative movie. A thought: the '60s American government was liberal. Protests such as Cliven Bundy's could have come from the New Left then as much as from the right now ("this land is our land"), back when the left (as recently as the '80s, Face to Face notes) pretended to stand up for the little guy and rage against the machine (they really wanted to run the establishment/machine, rather like the USSR and Red China).
  • From LRC: Eric Margolis on the dim prospects for peace in Palestine.

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