Sunday, May 25, 2014

Revenge of the nerd

Elliot Rodger, a clueless boy confused by a fallen natural order. Sick but not a sociopath. Sociopaths are charming; sad to say, he might have succeeded with girls had he been one.
The rage of the Omega is boundless. The young man wasn't bad-looking. He was obviously well-off. He drove a nice black BMW. And yet, his anti-Game was so bad that he made it to 22 without ever so much as kissing a girl. No wonder he was murderously furious with women.
He never got the mental-health treatment he needed: solve the main problem, whatever it was, then teach him social skills (not political correctness). I never saw the movie his father helped make but maybe its disturbing subject matter worsened his problem. By the way, I understand that most of the mentally ill aren't violent.


  1. He was grandiose, self-pitying, self-hating, hateful of others, and envious. That's some sort of narcissistic disorder. Biblical Pride? Hubris? Yes.

    1. Now the family's saying he had Asperger's and was getting treatment for it but I was skeptical because he didn't seem like someone who knew what was wrong with him; I think if he did, he wouldn't have been the things you listed. From what I've read in the news it seems he didn't have much in the way of family (broken home, didn't get along with stepmother) even though they're rich, and he obviously wasn't well enough to live on his own (with housemates, etc.). They may have rented him an apartment, paid his city-college tuition, and bought him a car (all great for a normal person) just to unload him. Before posting this I waded through his manifesto to see if he'd been getting help; he was getting counseling. Just wasn't enough.


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