Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Soulless in Santa Barbara, and more

  • From Takimag: Soulless in Santa Barbara. No, Mr. Martinez, politicians and the NRA didn't kill your son. It was because the law and the shooter's parents didn't pay enough attention to tell he wasn't well enough to live on his own. A doctor should have examined him and told them so. If anything it was blowback from the Sixties' well-meant patients'-rights cause, emptying the mental institutions. I've partly blamed his father's movie. I watched his message and believe he was mentally ill, not a deliberate, godless "spoiled brat." Intelligent, articulate, but self-absorbed with a flat affect that either bored or creeped out normal people: that of a serial killer. If treatment didn't help him or he refused to cooperate, then he needed extended family who could watch him like a hawk, or, last resort, they should have locked him up in an institution. Better that than six random people being killed. Part of the tragedy seems that he didn't have much in the way of family, even though they were rich: broken home and it seems his stepmother didn't like him because of his condition. I understand one of the biggest advocates for keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill is... the NRA (Gun Safety Central).
  • From Radix: The myth of "rape culture."
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: Enemy of the people: macroeconomists.
  • From Fr. Hunwicke: What is a Pope? Neither Our Saint in Rome™ synonymous with the church while the liberal parishes go to hell nor a modern superhero who can approve divorce & remarriage and gay marriage (pseudogamy) with the stroke of a pen, but: At base, the Pope is just the man who goes around sticking into the ground the notices which say BEWARE OF MINES. It gets dangerous when people start to expect much more of a Pope than this.
  • The Pope and a patriarch: a whole lotta nothing, as I thought. Nice photo ops (I love the pictures at Christ's tomb), including Pope Francis' pro-Palestinian one (always the opinion of the Holy See), and you had a predictable modern liberal ecumenical statement (history apparently started in 1964). Sacramentally we're the same church, and props to the Orthodox for remaining traditional, but the Orthodox 1) don't agree among themselves regarding the Catholic Church and 2) don't want to come back to it.

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