Saturday, May 24, 2014

The ancient Christian tapestry: "These are My rites"

A thread at byzcath based on this: The ancient Christian tapestry.
Many years ago, when I was living in Montreal, I attended a very beautiful Anglican Church in the heart of the city. This particular church was very popular among a host of groups, and particularly certain types of Roman Catholics who passed through by way of taking shelter from the appalling disregard for the sacred they had experienced in their own parishes. These were thoughtful people on the whole, who could well articulate what it was they felt they had lost in the post-conciliar Roman Catholic Church, and not ‘merely’ aesthetic things either. In fact, there was one ecclesiastical refugee who had written a great deal on the loss of the ancient propers and lectionary of the Western Church to the bland platitudes of the then-translation of the new Missal and its concomitant three-year Sunday, two-year weekday athematic tour through Scripture. I mention this, though, not to make digs at some of the more unfortunate aspects of post-conciliar liturgical reform, but to lay the groundwork for a more important point. For I learnt something at that Anglican parish I will never forget: to a Roman Catholic woman who came by the parish one day as a stop on her spiritual journey, the Anglican parish priest said, ‘you may certainly come here on your way back to the Church, but this is not your home, and you must eventually return to your Mother, the Catholic Church’.
God love him; of course I hope Father found his way home.

My post in the thread:
Of course Catholics should know more about all of the church's rites. Before Vatican II, educated Catholics such as Adrian Fortescue and Donald Attwater, and the liturgical movement, were trying to make that happen. Fulton Sheen became biritual, celebrating in the Byzantine Rite. There are Attwater's books, Cyril Korolevsky's biography of Andrew (Sheptytsky), and a picture book called "These Are My Rites." The mind of the church is apparent: Eastern as well as Western. Because the church doesn't force me to choose Eastern over Western, I'm in it...

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