Saturday, May 24, 2014

"The city on a hill": my country, 'tis of thee

From Facebook:
If the United States was ever a "city on a hill" which many Americanists believe, and I disagree, that hill has apparently come plunging down under the weight of greed, selfishness, arrogance, warmongering, Godlessness, immorality, hedonism, avarice, broad inequalities, perpetuated racial hatred, etc.
I'm moderate and partly undecided. Like a normal person, I love my country. On top of that, I believe in the natural-law principles the original American republic was built on. I credit that, and many Catholic immigrants, with making it arguably the greatest country in the world... in the '50s. That said, the Revolution was "Enlightenment" deism wrongly accusing a rightful Christian king of wrongdoing and wrongly rebelling against him, so from there you can see how and why America has degenerated. Mainstream "conservatives," the neoconservatives, are only a kind of liberal, "conserving" early 20th-century progressivism. As for your list of sins, that's fallen human nature in any country.

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