Saturday, May 31, 2014

The people don't decide

Ultimately we don't: there is objective truth and a mob isn't always right, but the laws of God and nature are written in every man's heart, so representative government of course can work. What strikes observers like me and Ex-Army is that the government doesn't follow those laws; the common man's God-given sense would:
If the people of the United States were deciding things, instead of its feckless government, we would right now be expelling all illegal immigrants and closing our border. We would also refrain from meddling in the Middle East, affirmative action would come to a screeching halt, there would be no talk of gun control, and taxes would be held to a minimum. Public university faculties would be purged, professional feminists would have to get real jobs, and there would be no talk of "White Privilege" or "Male Privilege" on the campuses or anywhere else. It would be a curmudgeon's paradise.
Sounds like if "we, the people" really called the shots, the Sixties wouldn't have happened.

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