Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The peril of low paternal investment, universality vs. particularity in the church, and more

  • From Bob Wallace:
    • "Low paternal investment" brings down societies.
    • The child of Poverty and Plenty.
    • The thrive/survive theory of the political spectrum. Good attacked by Evil, Order attacked by Chaos. All horror fiction, without exception, follows that archetype. Reality, unfortunately, follows that archetype: Civilization attacked by Chaos. Civilization is just a thin veneer on top of a lot of bad human nature. That's the way a "conservative" sees it. That's the way I see it. I don't quite understand leftists. They're ruled by their feelings. It's a feminine philosophy, specifically the Bad Feminine. They see things short-term. They have fuzzy minds. I don't see anything good in it. Moldbug suggests that rightism is common sense, and leftism is Christianity minus the religious trappings and rightism is rational thought. Another of his posts suggests that leftism is naked power-grabbing and rightism is virtuous pro-social behavior. Also: r/K Selection Theory.
    • The two false selves. Bob's a critic of the psychology of game. I'd say that like libertarianism it's not a complete worldview like a religion. Roissy would agree that it's not so much about reciting the right pickup lines (magical thinking, not social skills) but rather "the game is mental"; it's about attitude. It can be taken too far (Bob's point that the dark triad taken literally is psychopathy, and Roissy's got that covered: calibration, or normal people naturally change their pitch because they can tell what their audience is like) but like libertarianism's nonaggression principle it's still useful. An emotionally healthy person may have a positive ideal he aspires to and a negative image that he wants to avoid, but on some conscious level he’s aware that neither of these ideals or their corresponding labels truly represents him, or are even truly attainable (although in all honesty the despised false self is probably easier to come close to attaining than the idealized one is). And that's pretty much all this alpha/beta business is about. Also, beneath the bluster, Roissy's conservative. As Bob agrees in "Low paternal investment," people are happier under the natural order, patriarchy. (It's no coincidence that true churches have patriarchs, such as the Patriarch of the West.) Civilization, America around 50 years ago, for example, meant average Joes, betas, had a better chance of being happily married fathers; the sexual revolution - happy hunting for alphas; bad for society - was a return to the post-fall jungle.
  • Perhaps related to that, from RR: The truth about income inequality. Of course inequality of outcome is just: come up with a better idea and/or work harder, earn more. (In Communism there's no incentive.) The problem is unequal opportunity. The American dream is slipping away and we're becoming the Third World, reverting to the longtime world standard of a few very rich and many poor; no middle class. Politicians offering ordinary voters a free ride on taxes, subsidized health care and other enticements are really picking their pockets by giving the country away to the oligarchs.
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: Traditionalism's unprincipled exception. Maybe a white nationalist trying to join a Syrian-based church isn't contradictory after all. Phyletism is the clan instinct taken too far, making an idol out of your race or culture, but: I am not aware of any Church doctrine which compels any nation to actively pursue the displacement of its founding stock. Breaking with the universal church for an ethnically based nationalist one is a form of that idolatry; that said, as the A-G says, the church East and West is at its best in its natural state as the Church Local. I'm fine with a church that's a loose federation of conservative national ones, if it includes the West, which means including the Pope. There were schisms in this country to the Orthodox because some churchmen made the mistake of suppressing part of some immigrants' culture (married priests), which, according to our teachings, the immigrants had every right to (the church accepted those customs in the immigrants' homelands).
  • From Cracked: 16 things movies and TV always get wrong about jobs. The one I'd noticed was people who do lab work in real life (CSI) acting like cops on TV.

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  1. There is a comment in AA that the only two things that can get us in trouble are the Great I Am and the Poor Little Me.


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