Thursday, May 29, 2014

When a society is polygamous and rootless

Great quotes from commenters at Steve Sailer's about Elliot Rodger (I and others have already covered his pathology and broken home):
When a society is polygamous, there are a lot of men left without a wife and those men tend to be angry and violent.
Rodger saw this problem clearly but because of his problem he couldn't handle it. Part of the manosphere message: polygamy in the form of partying in your 20s, namely, girls sharing (maybe serially) an alpha male, rather than marrying nice-guy providers, is bad both for men's mental health (and, ultimately, women's: no husband or kids; maybe a cat or two) and for society in the long run. (Fewer kids: demographic suicide. And illegitimacy, which like Rodger's broken home worsens problems like his. Rodger needed real family, a church, and a community, as Jack Cashill and Bob Wallace agree.)
Of course, working hard to earn a woman's affections ("The modern woman LOVES a man who will do the dishes!" "Don't act entitled to her love before you've shown her your character!") was standard feminist catechism up until about 2010, when too many guys started publicly noticing that this was a losing strategy.
Right. Most mainstream relationship advice is "pretty little lies" as Roissy says.
Almost immediately, the goalposts shifted - "Who do you think you are, trying to show us how courteous and consent-oriented you are! JERKS!" Of course, this forces "feminists" to tacitly endorse sexist, dark-triad behavior among individual men, so they're counting on government to make their dreams come true with "free daycare," paid maternal leave and such. No word on who is going to work hard to pay for all of this.
The same nice-guy providers, only now the girls don't have to live with or have sex with them.

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  1. People pay no attention to ancient wisdom. "Fairy tales," for example, which is full of weak fathers and cruel stepmothers. Like the way Elliot was raised.

    Think "Hansel and Gretel." That's one of many.


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