Friday, June 13, 2014

15 modern liberal myths, Orthodox sectarianism, and more

  • From Takimag: 15 myths millennials believe. Fueled by the West's self-destruction by following distorted Christian principles (the Cathedral).
  • Orthodox liberal high church writes: The tired cliché of Orthodox sectarianism. Recently, the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Pope of Rome gathered together and delivered a joint statement. The momentum of the event has led to an intended meeting of some kind to commemorate the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea (held in 325), planned for the year 2025. Well-meaning, conservative but ecumenically minded (at least with regards to the Orthodox) Roman Catholics have expressed appreciation for this and have asked me what I thought. In sum, I have told them it is a step in the right direction but as long as Moscow and Istanbul remain in a spitting match and Orthodoxy (at least in America) continues to attract people who want to deny being Western Christians and continues to foster an anti-Western-Christian perspective in Eastern European countries, the refusal to pursue serious dialogue for change will remain a stumbling block within Orthodoxy. We love their culture. They almost worship it, thinking it's the church. A distortion of the truth that the church is at its best when it's the Church Local, run mostly by custom.
  • Worth looking at for updates: Orthodox Blow-Out Department. Mostly about the folly of Western Rite Orthodoxy. Dale Griffith is great. He doesn't like us, including the Greek Catholics, either, but he's got the Orthodox' number.
  • We're not about the person of the Pope. Conservative Novus Ordo Catholics fell into the error of thinking we are. His office is part of church infallibility. That's all.


  1. You really need to get over your obsession with the Orthodox. I understand you tried it, didn't like it, and left. That's fine. Be a good Catholic.

    Reverend Oliver presides over a tiny OCA mission in the middle of nowhere that rents space from a Catholic parish. He's not "Orthodox liberal high church." He's a clergyman with a blog. I don't know who Dale Griffiths is, just like he doesn't know who I am, and whether he's "got our number" or not, why should I care? Don't conflate the hissy fits in this corner of the Internet for anything of actual consequence.

    There has been a lot of water under the bridge since 1054 and I am extremely skeptical of the notion that a pre-schism rite can be reconstructed and reclaimed for Orthodoxy. This is not "anti-Western" because 99.99% of Western Christians have zero idea what the Western Rite is. It's not like a bunch of narrow-minded Greek, Arab and Slav bigots are trashing some widely treasured institution. For all but a tiny handful of American Christians, the 1928 Book of Common Prayer is about as venerable as it gets, not that they even give a hoot about the 1928 BCP. I'm sympathetic to the notion, as America begins to fracture along its ethno-cultural lines, but it's not like the Western Rite "belongs" to me because like most Orthodox converts, I had never even heard of it.

    Really, what's the greater threat to "Western" Christianity here: some skeptical American Orthodox hierarchs in their obscure, exotic sect, or the atheist Western elite? Or the Catholic hierarchy with their embrace of social democracy and open borders?

  2. I am extremely skeptical of the notion that a pre-schism rite can be reconstructed and reclaimed for Orthodoxy.

    Right. Forget it. Better to focus on living traditions, such as the Tridentine Mass and the Orthodox rite.

    Good rhetorical question at the end.


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