Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Back-to-basics traditional parishes can thrive, and more

  • How a relatively traditional parish can thrive. An Anglo-Catholic congregation can grow vigorously without adding frills. At St. John’s Church, rapid growth has coincided with efforts to make church less intimidating for newcomers and to use social media. St. John’s has notably not offered lots of new programs. The congregation’s dual focus has been on worship and equipping families to practice holiness at home. People are responding to the back-to-basics approach. Being in the more Christian South helps (also one of the last holdouts for conservative Episcopalians). Here in the North in business we don't talk about religion in order to keep the peace. But the about-us page of the website for a white-shoe law firm in the South has a sentence or two on each partner's church and activities there. Also: newspapers are dead.
  • Fr. Z: Clearly the Holy See wants the widespread use of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to be eliminated. At least since '97, but this was the same St. John Paul the Overrated under whom the old liberals still ran the American roost, and who sold out on altar girls. (Wrong obviously because altar boys are JROTC for priests - chierichetti, little clergy, in Italian; historic substitutes for clergy in minor orders.) Not to be confused with the Extraordinary Form, bureaucrat-speak for my Mass.
  • "I was born again": the faith of Ann B. Davis. As I mentioned yesterday.

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