Sunday, June 15, 2014

Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas atque indivisa Unitas

  • Sung Mass today with the MC and just one other server: it can be done. Processional, "Holy, Holy, Holy," and recessional, another trinitarian hymn to the tune of the Old Hundredth. Epistle: God is mystery. Gospel: the Great Commission, which the church alone has fulfilled.
  • I was told that this afternoon our cathedral had another Solemn First Mass for the Fraternity of St. Peter. I saw Fr. Michael Magiera's years ago, complete with the organist and choir from St. Clement's.
  • RIP Fr. Kenneth Walker. It may have been anti-religious malice, not a robbery. Several reports have mentioned that the police arrived on the scene to find Fr. Terra praying over a dying Fr. Walker while administering last rites, despite multiple "blunt force" traumatic injuries from a severe beating. That's one image that will remain in my mind for a long, long time.
  • On making God in your image. A temptation not just for liberals. Apparently someone's trying to make an idol of more or less my political and economic opinions, bending a high church that lacks social teaching to do so. Liberty is a means, not an end; otherwise all you get is selfish mental 12-year-olds who don't like being told what to do (rights without responsibility).
  • Thinking more about the Orthodox making an idol of a good thing, their culture: that's why they hit a wall after three generations in America. When you confuse your rite, your culture, with the whole church, when your young are no longer name-the-culture, they leave. (The Greek Catholics have the same problem but of course not exactly for that reason.)
  • That got me thinking more at Mass this morning: is another cultural form of traditional Catholicism, alumni Anglo-Catholicism, similarly endangered? I decided, not really. Not just out of self-interest. The conservative revival that Pope Benedict briefly led is of the Holy Spirit, in my opinion unstoppable. (The only part of the church in the West that has kids and vocations; I think the SSPX has a bumper crop of new American priests this year.) An ex-Episcopalian didn't high-church my parish; a priest born Catholic "built" it and we came. It has a chance.
  • "Regardless of the historical precedence for a multiplicity of 'rites' within the undivided church, the presence of the ritual of the 'others' just seems not to fit." Would a successful medieval union have destroyed the Orthodox rite? I don't think so.
  • Flag Day yesterday: Like a normal person I love my country, and I literally believe in the old republic for which the flag at least used to stand - it had been a good host and second home to the church. But not "my country right or wrong," and my country doesn't necessarily mean the government.
  • A friend (I wasn't who he was writing to): If you wait until the age of reason to present boys with male teachers, you will have feminized boys. I'm afraid you're really stuck in the 1950s, which despite its virtues (which were largely habitual and unconscious), contained the seeds of today's many dysfunctionalities. When the exclusive influences on young children are mothers and female teachers, the result is a two-pronged disaster: feminized men on the one hand, and hyper-masculine barbarians on the other - i.e., baby boomers. Both of these gave us feminism. Today we are living the dream.
  • Heard this announced, fittingly, on the radio a couple of hours ago: RIP Casey Kasem.

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  1. Re: the Cathedral - yes, Mass celebrated by the freshly-ordained Fr. Joseph Heffernan. Beautiful day, not nearly as crowded as Fr. Magiera's Mass. Hopefully we won't be waiting another nine years for the next one. It was a joy to be there - we've known Fr. Heffernan for 8-9 years and our oldest boy was one of the torchbearers.


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