Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Church: the right kind of openness grounded in tradition, and more

  • Main Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
  • A somewhat traditional Anglo-Catholic slum parish today. So much good here for the church to take on board.
  • From Modestinus: Bishop Athanasius Schneider.
  • Laverne Cox is not a woman. Facts are not subject to our feelings. By National Review's Kevin Williamson, a Catholic gentleman whom I had the honor of indirectly working with briefly in my newspaper days.
  • From Takimag: Permanent devolution.
  • Unrestricted immigration. It's not about doing Catholic Mexicans a favor; it's about cheap labor for big companies and about replacing ornery poor conservative whites with a servant class that's dependent on the government. A country can only support so many people and its first obligation is to its citizens. By the way, César Chavez, a born American, opposed illegal immigration because the big companies were using it to undermine what he was trying to do for American workers.
  • Can anybody confirm or deny this? I just read the claim that a reason the Holy See enforced the majority rite's norm regarding clerical marriage as the rule in the U.S. was because, like Britain, it needed American money after World War I so the local Roman Riters called that shot. Regular readers know my view: the church has the authority to make such rules but in this case, overturning traditional Eastern Catholic practice, it was a mistake; because of it, thousands left the church for a reason nothing to do with our teachings.
  • Some Catholics are called to move from West to East. I think the church should canonize Metropolitan Andrew (Sheptytsky), the Polish count who became the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, and make him their patron saint. Their true hero and protector, not Alexis Toth or Orestes Chornock.
  • I wouldn't use the the polemic that "the Orthodox didn't exist ... before 1054." Because Catholicism doesn't hate Orthodoxy as Catholicism understands it (granted, that's different from how the Orthodox understand themselves), nor would I say the Byzantine Catholics are the sole rightful owners of the Byzantine tradition.
  • Joshua Snyder quotes Orwell: In America, if you don't like your boss, you punch him on the nose and light out for the frontier. In Britain, if you didn't like your boss, you were stuck in the class system so you hung on in quiet desperation while seething maybe as a Marxist. I found "Are You Being Served?" sad, not funny, because those people seemed trapped. A Brit who's lived in both countries has said America is Britain if it had room to grow. (There's the ugly business of clearing out the Indians but true.)


  1. Well it certainly seems to have room to grow now, to the tune of 500,000 immigrants annually. The class system is dead---Britain has become America, a melting pot where money is what matters.

  2. couldn't agree more with you on sheptytsky


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