Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Church stories

  • Bishop Paprocki: Bring back the genuflexion. I noticed the few times a year I'm at the new Mass that in the sanctuary they often don't. That's being fixed - slowly, like the rest of the Catholic revival Pope Benedict briefly led.
  • From Fr. Ray Blake: Front and center. The bishop thought he was implementing the post-Concilliar documents which said the Blessed Sacrament 'should' be placed in a fitting chapel. Foolishly he interpreted 'should' as 'must', even more foolishly he did not read the the context of the suggestion, which was about promoting Eucharistic devotion. It was only after much hurt, destruction and expense that Rome clarified its ambiguous instruction, saying that the Eucharist should normally be placed in the centre of the sanctuary. I am sure this Bishop did what he did truly believing he was implementing 'the mind of the Church', doing it with fanatical zeal. In reality what he did was to undermine the faith of his people. The story of how the church has shot itself in the foot for the past 50 years.
  • From Rorate Caeli: "Open season on conservatives." Good thing the Pope can't change the church's teachings. Worse comes to worst, hunker down at the earliest, lowest Novus Ordo (no funny business or bad music) on Sunday morning, as good Catholics have done for many years now but better because of Pope Benedict's reform (I don't like the new Mass but because of him have no conscience problem with it), go to the Greek Catholics, or go to the SSPX.

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