Sunday, June 22, 2014

Concert, "Jersey Boys" movie, and more

At the Broadway Theatre, Pitman, NJ: Gary U.S. Bonds! Also the second time we've seen the Americans and the Talented Jay Soundalike and A Man Who Says He Grew Up with Dion in the Bronx (whose saxophonist was in the Tokens). Best part of the last were the note-for-note Four Seasons covers (gave me goosebumps); figures since one of Vinny's sons is in a stage cast for Jersey Boys.

The only inaccuracies I spotted in the movie Jersey Boys were that the actor playing Nick Massi looks nothing like him, and the timeline is a little off (Nick left in '65, not at the same time Tommy DeVito did). How many others are there? The movie is near perfection.

At Mater: Factus est Dominus protector meus. A welcome first for me: a man chanting Terce before Sung Mass!

Survivor: '62 Comet wagon.

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