Monday, June 23, 2014

Entrepreneurs and more


  1. Redneck authenticity?!? Where's Owen White when I need him?

    Seriously, I may be a suburban kid, but only barely: our subdivision was surrounded by farmland, and when I went into private schools there were plenty of actual farm kids. And by that time the Hick Chic thing was in gear. Rural authenticity is a lost cause.

    1. Rural authenticity is a lost cause.

      I'm not sure what point you're making.

      From the standpoint of the Left, rednecks, i.e. the white working class, are a lost cause. They are too white, too armed, too religious and too provincial. So they must be replaced.

      This played out in urban settings as well, with the Hard Hat Riots. Shortly thereafter, the Left decided to wreck the urban Irish and Italian whites' schools.

    2. Fifty years ago nobody identified the northern or western white working classes as being synonymous with rednecks; the current state of affairs is a construct of pop culture and political pushing. It says something about this that none of the Dukes was played by a southerner (though at least Jon Schneider spent a few years in Georgia as a late teen), and that the NY riot was an organized action of the union not entirely at White House instigation but certainly to its pleasure.

      In any case, I can hardly take you as a spokesman for for the American left, not when I can talk to the real thing.


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