Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Four from FB by me

  • So, how's that "renewal" working out for youse? The liberals took for granted that the big, strong church from before the council would remain, only it would be even bigger and better if it were liberal: faith for the space age (which was faith in the space age). Instead it made lots of people leave the church and made the people in the pews even more ignorant.
  • The logical next step in Pope Benedict's reform of the Novus Ordo: for the most part, make the parishes do ad orientem. (You always could have Mass facing the people, but make the old custom the norm again.) He did the really important thing, fixing the English text.
  • I think sedevacantism is possible. But Francis has yet to officially try to change the church's teachings, which would be beyond the Pope's powers, so even though I probably don't like him, he is Pope. The theory that Benedict is still Pope is based on a misunderstanding of church teaching by conservative Catholics since the council, that the Pope is a saint/perfect even if the parishes turn liberal and go to hell. It's about the teachings of the church, not the Pope, who is only a caretaker.
  • Obama's just a symptom of what's wrong with American politics. I remember 15-20 years ago when Bill Clinton - a culture-wars enemy to be sure, like his wife - was the Great Satan to conservatives. But he was caged by a hostile Congress and was willing to make a deal, so functionally he was arguably our best recent president, doing relatively little while the economy boomed.

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  1. Vatican II was the New Coke of Church councils. They forgot the Pareto principle- 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Likewise, I'm sure that 80% of the volunteer work done in a typical parish is done by 20% of parishioners, 80% of prayers come from 20% of the faithful, etc. In almost any well-established religion, "Renewal" that discards time-honored tradition to attract the uninterested only tends to alienate the pious people who are providing most of the support. They must then be replaced with marginal supporters who bring a lot less to the table. Thus phenomena like seminaries going "lavender", as some of the best candidates dropped out to become cops and schoolteachers.


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