Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gimme that old-time religion


  1. Same-sex "marriage" is on a roll right now for Emperor's-New-Clothes reasons- all the cool celebrities and smart-sounding intellectuals are in favor of it, while the only vocal opposition comes from Christian losers and squares (and we all know they think the world is only 6,000 years old). Most of the people who vote for it know deep-down that it's insanity, but they don't want to oppose the Zeitgeist. Once SHTF and people have real problems to worry about again, SSM will be as dead as Furbies, Hammer Pants, and Disco dancing.

  2. Good comments about the value of the Divine Office. Most laity in the western Church since the Middle Ages prayed the Little Office (St. Thomas More, for example), not the full breviary. I think that for laity the Little Office is the best option, providing a simplified way to pray the Psalms with the Church with regularity. I use the version reformed after the Council, which works just fine. I would disagree with your comments about the value of low Mass -- there is a reason why low Mass became the standard form of Mass throughout the world: it works best in a parish with limited resources. While high Mass is the normative form of the Tridentine liturgy, it simply isn't practical in most parishes. I think that it should be used, but in cathedral parishes mostly, and on major solemnities throughout the Church even in the small parishes were possible. But it simply isn't something that a regular parish, particularly in the wake of Vatican 2, is going to be able to pull off.

    1. There is a place for Low Mass, and the people wanted it. I was just citing how the liturgical movement felt, and that officially High Mass is the standard.


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