Sunday, June 01, 2014

Italian-American Heritage Festival, Rose Tree Park, Media, Pa.

The House of Savoy Italian Navy flag (better than the modern national one) and the Holy See? That government made peace with the Pope in 1929. Of course Italy is an abstraction: this seemed to be an Abruzzese show but I'm sure there were representatives/descendants from several southern regions. And of course the Stars and Stripes, Protestant hosts whose belief in liberty enabled our holy mother, the church to flourish here, where an Italian identity evolved among Italian-Americans (immigration mostly from the south, which lost out in the union with the northern regions that created Italy).

Sant’ Antonio, per amore del Signore Gesù, aiutaci nell’imitarti e con semplicità, offrire tutto noi stessi, come hai fatto tu. Intercedi per noi preso Gesù, affinché possiamo abbracciare con amore la croce, e seguire la Via della Salvezza, compiendo così in tutto e per tutto, il percorso che Dio stesso ci vuol far vivere. Per Cristo nostro Signore. Amen.

Sant’ Antonio da Padova, prega per noi.


  1. Actually, it's the Italian Navy flag, with the symbols of the four maritime republics, Venice, Genua, Pisa, and Amalfi. The Italian merchant marine flag is similar, but the St. Mark's lion is not holding sword.

  2. "Of course Italy is an abstraction..."

    The United States are a lot like unified Italy- several closely-related but fundamentally distinct cultures who probably don't have any real business being in a country together. I wonder- are Italian patriotic songs as dismal as most popular American ones? Are there any Italian patriotic songs?

    A few good American patriotic ballads are well-known, but most of the flag-waving songs I heard over Memorial Day were either schmaltzy, jingoistic, or pointlessly abstract (Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" is probably the worst offender, and is consequently one of the most beloved). Good national songs are specific, rooted in history and shared tradition; there just aren't a whole lot of events and places that are equally moving to Bostonians, Alaskans, and Alabamians. There are lots of great songs about American states and cities, but comparatively few about the whole country.

  3. that flag is actually the republican flag flown by modern italian navy (representing the former maritime powers of venice, genoa, pisa - not sure about the white maltese cross - i know because i play a lot of europa universalis lol)

    under the savoy monarchy the Italian flag had in its center a white cross on a red shield with a blue border


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