Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lawrence of Afghanistan, and more

  • Lawrence of Afghanistan. Jim Gant's story. Sounds like a movie but true - smart Army officer who bucks regulations ("a rebel who plays by his own rules") and gets results, winning battles by respecting the locals; a man's man who gets a woman's adoration, adulterous (Hollywood would love that) but very romantic all the same. There's the whole matter of whether we should even be there (Ron Paul: marque and reprisal) but soldiers are there to win, which apparently Gant was doing.
  • More on what's wrong with millennials. McArdle is a secularist so she doesn't really see the culture/sociopathy angle.
  • More games old Catholic liberals play. "Old" and "liberal" are redundant. By the way, César Chavez, a born American, was against illegal immigration because it worked against people like him and what he was trying to do. Pastor H.R. Curtis talks sense: I try to take a rational approach on the subject of immigration: can 7 billion people live here? No. Then a line has to be drawn somewhere. But it's surprisingly difficult to get some folks to agree to even that premise.... The establishment right wants cheap labor; the left to replace conservative whites. And as Steve Sailer says, the left is trying to scare up an Angry Hispanic Voter bloc, manufacturing one out of an apolitical group that's not really a group, having little in common besides the church and the Spanish language.
  • In one diocese, the Catholic revival continues. Next: ad orientem.
  • From Ex-Army: Those funny libertarians. The old tug of war between the tribe and universality. There's true universality, Galatians 3:28, and then there's the left's ripoff, leapfrogging loyalties, "diversity" romanticizing the Other and trying to use them as pawns in order to war against your own people.
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: Scientism.

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  1. Re the bishop calling for the central positioning of the Tabernacle: Our bishop mandated this some years ago. #CharlotteDioceseRocks #BrokenRecord :D


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