Monday, June 23, 2014

Local church buildings

St. James Episcopal, Kingsessing. One of a handful of local colonial churches built as Swedish Lutheran. I'm sitting in what used to be Sweden's American colony. These are English-designed and built so they look like Anglican churches from the same period. After American independence these eventually became Episcopal; right before that last change, the last Swedish priest here had an Episcopal one for his curate. Neighborhood's part of the Southwest Philadelphia slum now. Nice parishioners. A couple of them told me they're ex-Catholics so I tried to do some damage control as one told me he left the church because a nun told him as a child that his Protestant grandma wasn't going to heaven.

Something in the neighborhood from the golden era.

St. Peter's Church of Christ, originally the Episcopal Church of the Atonement, looking like it's about to be torn down.

Our holy mother, the church, at St. Francis de Sales.

The former St. Andrew's Ukrainian Catholic Church. Somebody told me it was a synagogue before that but my guess is it's postwar (typical Philly Ukrainian Catholic congregation: WWII exiles who escaped from the Soviets) and always had those Ukrainian sided onion domes. It closed about 10 years ago; I was at the last Liturgy.

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