Saturday, June 28, 2014

Neocons, walk the talk

Karen Kwiatkowski's modest proposal at LRC. Like intervention so much? Great; draft your own kids and send them over there.
Claiming a love of “democracy” around the world while actually trying to grow a centralized empire complete with competing and dependent satrapies.
True, and doing it for democracy's sake gives them away as a kind of "progressive," the same people who brought you the Christian heresy of political correctness, plus democracy's overrated (a mob is not always right).
The neoconservative era is now passing. Much like the era of eugenics in the United States in the 1920s and 30s, neoconservatism is now widely condemned and considered horrible, sick, and morally wrong.
I'm afraid not on either count. Most Americans, certainly the elite, are fine with both when the Evil Party, as opposed to the Stupid Party, does them. Abortion, and Obama could invade Iraq tomorrow and they'd be fine with it.
Elitist neoconservatives, like the 1930’s doctors who decided which poor mothers from which parts of town would be sterilized, are extremely defensive about their widely publicized sins of choosing whole cultures, ethnicities and countries for sterilization, “betterment,” and subordination.

As political noblemen, they had long viewed the land covering three time zones west of DC as their personal agricultural complex. This land produced the tax revenues and equity, exhibited a disturbing herd tendency towards a easily whipped patriotism, and grew the cannon fodder of young men and women attracted to a paying job, and the mass silence of the extended family that this coveted paying job could buy.

It was all going just fine, until it wasn’t.
Never underestimate the lefty hawks; they're the neocons in pure form. They were against WWII (like the authentic American right was) until they could help us help the USSR win. They weren't for peace in the Sixties (and even that was radicals vs. Establishment liberals; Vietnam was sort of "nation-building"); they were cheering for the other side and even went from "nonviolence" to plotting violence against our soldiers and police. (Bill Ayers, a terrorist, is now a sort of elder statesman among boomers.) Now that they're at the top so they can give the orders to the soldiers, it's a different story. How many of the nuclear-freeze folks (they had a point but doomsday weapons are a necessary evil; nobody can push Russia around) later cheered Clinton's bombing Serbia? (Remember that?) Or supported Kosovo's revolution?

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