Saturday, June 21, 2014

The church in Iraq and more


  1. "neocons (warmed-over liberals, Yankee Protestant do-gooders)"

    as you know there were plenty of Catholics in their ranks from liberals like John Kerry to conservative orthodox Catholics in Congress, the Bush administration and in the American Catholic media. I remember the comboxes were full of accusations of lefty treason to any Catholic opposed to it, and St John Paul was under some vicious combox attack for opposing it as well. Also many American bishops stayed silent on the issue - I think the only American to outright oppose it was the bishop of the Romanian Catholic eparchy.

  2. i wanted to add, frankly i say let the iranians do the fighting take the shiite part of the country, kurds can be independent. as for the sunni arab part, form a sunni government in monsul from tribes opposed to the tribes in isis, give shitload of money and guns and they give us oil in return

    while i think "our" president is an agnostic/athiest/secularist he still nonetheless is a sunni sympathizer at the very least. thats why he financially and politically supports the muslim brotherhood and likewise gives arms to the sunni terrorists in syria fighting assad. i dont think hes in any rush to stop ISIS otherwise he would of had joint air strikes with the turks to wipe isis out last week.


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