Friday, June 13, 2014

The churches and the crisis in the West, talking to the East, and the Ukraine again

  • Binky blasts liberal religion. The real situation is that we are in a burning Minas Tirith, surrounded by countless entrenched orcs, wargs, Nazgul, and other monsters; within the walls are despair, treachery, not enough warriors, and a fading spirit. There are a few hidden away in the burning city singing "Kumbayah" or the Gondorian equivalent, but they are worse than useless. Even worse? Somehow, The Enemy is in control of the people running things. And there’s plenty of blame to go around, not just based on your habits of mind, group-think, or the alleged general consensus. Sadly, many of the churches of our time worship big government, the spirit of the age, and feelings over facts and faith. Why the media love Pope Francis.
  • Another Catholic/Orthodox online talk. In the noble cause of defending their culture, KOVO/ACROD stepped into the line of fire of dueling one-true-church claims. That said, yes, we have one and I defend it... Going from defending your culture to denying the full churchness of and grace in ours, in my view, makes an idol of that culture/rite. (Like valid criticism of the cult of Russia.) That's what I think is wrong with Orthodoxy.
  • That said, you don't have to buy into Orthodoxy or the cult of Russia to cheer for the Russians, for the reason the liberal West now hates them: I forget where I first read this, but their church, which is essentially still Catholic, has their elite's loyalty. That's why our elite's now out to get them, like they hate lower-status conservative whites at home (do the hard hats who fought against the Sixties/Reagan Democrats still exist?); they're trying to use the Ukraine as a pawn. (We don't import anything from those countries and they're not Communist anymore so it's none of our business.) Hopefully it'll backfire on them, with the Ukraine ending up another authoritarian, conservative Slavic state (such as a Greek Catholic one) like the Russia Jr. it is.
  • Both the Ukrainian Catholics and the Russians have been nationalistic in the Ukrainian revolution; maybe adopting the modern nation-state model hasn't been good for them. DMD agrees, saying fascist nationalism's on the rise there and elsewhere, and while this revolution's co-opted religion, it's not about religion. I answer that fascism and nationalism aren't dirty words; the church in itself is apolitical. It says promote flourishing and help the needy, and that liberty is a means, not an end, which is my answer right now to Catholic social teaching vs. libertarianism, but the means are an open question. Republic, monarchy, dictatorship; it's all good to us.
  • Fr. Andrew Steven Damick: The church in itself is not divided. We and they are simply repeating our respective true-church claims in a nice way.
  • From Theden: The assortative atomization of America. "Do your own thing" means "every man for himself," which really means "just die already."

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  1. now that the russians (by that i mean the neo-chekists are finally out of the picture (hopefully for good), the new menace will be resisting the soros multiculturalist internationalist syndicate - but its going well in the baltic states and in hungary and romania so im hopeful.


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