Saturday, June 21, 2014

The trouble with game, and more

  • Radix on game/the manosphere: Saying it's not a sexual counter-revolution because it "does not challenge the sexual chaos — it merely navigates it." Except Roissy (Heartiste) has covered this. He writes that society is now debased and self-destructive.
  • From Takimag: Bill de Blasio's New York. That's how I understand our system really works now. Like a smart parasite keeping its host alive, because socialism/Communism doesn't work, the system keeps just enough capitalism to make it seem like it works.
  • From Facebook: Capitalism doesn't work either. It just doesn't work slower than socialism doesn't work. Can somebody explain this statement? As far as I know, capitalism has raised the West's standard of living for at least the last 200 years. As well meant as distributism or other Christian (such as Catholic) third ways are, I don't think they have done that or can do it.
  • An answer: Capitalism inevitably leads to the concentration of wealth at the very top. A competitive free market means the stronger always outdo the weaker. As this happens, the playing field narrows, meaning fewer people compete because the stakes get higher. Eventually it gets to the point where the wealth (and power, since wealth is power) get concentrated in the hands of a very small, very wealthy, and very powerful group of people. In practical terms, the competition disappears. It destroys itself. Yet this is the very essence of capitalism. This has already happened several times now. Like with the nineteenth-century robber barons, or the big corporations right now. Or look at how the number of banks has declined in the last twenty years. The only reason capitalism has survived this long is because governments keep finding ways to buttress it. Like with socialism, the welfare state, the New Deal, and so on. That's why socialism is a bad idea. It doesn't fix anything. It just covers over the injustice (or attempts to) while trying to make it more appetible to people. Equal opportunity is justice; equal outcomes unjust. The people who come up with great products and services deserve to be at the top, and those products and services improve the quality of life and create jobs. But what about this problem? A standard libertarian refrain is crony capitalism isn't really capitalism; you need competition to keep the products and services at their best.

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