Sunday, June 15, 2014

Two more on church

  • Philadelphia: Looks like St. Peter's Church of Christ on South 47th Street will go soon. Middle-class 100 years ago; now ghetto. Probably not Churches of Christ, who are low-church and don't believe in naming churches for saints. Driving by it all these years, I didn't know that it was originally the Episcopal Church of the Atonement. I hate to see any house of God go like that, and this was a beauty. I drove by it most recently last week and noticed it was in bad shape, with a window's glass gone. I've always called the northward approach, looking downhill, to this and Crusaders for Christ (formerly Fourth Presbyterian) Church across 47th Street "the Holy Intersection" because you can see their towers and St. Francis de Sales Church's dome.
  • The Russian Byzantine Catholic Church in a nutshell. In the beginning some Russian intelligentsia read their way into the church.

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  1. Not the Church of Christ but the Disciples of Christ- also an offshoot of the Restoration Movement. On the slide presentation, fifth slide in, identifies the denomination. The DOC became a mainline liberal denomination and is suffering the same fate as the others. This is an interesting case because I know of DOC congregations that use "Church of Christ" in the name of the congregation but this is the first I have seen using a saint name.


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