Friday, June 20, 2014

What women want

What modern girls say they want:

A Christian heresy.

What they, with their God-given nature, really want:

As I like to say, they pretend they're cheering for Peggy when they're thinking about being ravished by Don.

Gavin McInnes: Don’t listen to all their bullshit about how they want an adolescent crybaby as a boyfriend. They’re lying. The manosphere message in a nutshell.

I disagree with Roissy about the girl's looks. She's cute. I wonder if this self-righteous one (Ph.D. candidate in poli sci: high-church SWPL) thinks she believes what she's saying.
If you want to make yourself utterly sexually repellent to women who count, and a pariah among your cool male friends, sure, go ahead and follow her advice.
What? I thought nothing turns on a girl like a guy who won't stand up to her.
The spectacle of these feminists one-upping each others’ stupidity and flights of fantastical voyage from reality seems to be exponentially increasing in absurdity and frequency lately.
Maybe it's really a game to weed out the wimps. And as Roissy says, liberal girls don't take sex seriously, unlike a conservative attuned to reality, so they're easier for pickup artists.


  1. LOL @ "35 Things ..." Is that all? We'll get right on that.

  2. Pace all those manosphere dudes: No woman wants Pajama Boy. No woman would be caught dead in a ditch even saying she wants Pajama Boy. Trust me. ;)


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