Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A portrait of the alpha, and more

  • From Alternative Right: Portrait of the alpha. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that religion was intended to police the two groups in society that required the most policing: Women and Alphas. I've long thought that.
  • From Theden: Stalin's American fans. No surprise; FDR's government was riddled with Com-symps, which is how and why we were supporting players in the USSR winning WWII. I don't buy "we went to war really in order to prevent the USSR taking the whole continent." Betrayal at Yalta.
  • From Takimag: Exiled to Racistville.
  • A Real Live One. One of my readers I just found. Regrettably he's gone into schism. Really? You came to the conclusion that only Byzantium is the church? Come on.
  • New Hope Automobile Show.

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  1. Morganston seriously misrepresents the creation of the film, most particularly in his abbreviation of Buckner's statement, which continued, ""to show the American mothers and fathers that if their sons are killed in fighting alongside the Russians in our common cause, that it was a good cause, and that the Russians are worthy allies." Propaganda yes; pro-communism, no. (Well, some, but not at the White House's request.) It's not even clear that FDR even asked that the film be made. If you'd like to read something more complete and balanced, try this article summary.


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