Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A smart pro-Pope Francis article, and being Catholic in the '80s

  • An intelligent pro-Pope Francis article from Ireland. I don't need to make excuses for him but I hope it's true. Simply putting morals in perspective, emphasizing God's love.
  • My Catholic bio in short, thank God.
  • The church-emptying "renewal" under way in the '80s, from talking down to kids to teaching outright heresy: the living-room table pizza-party Mass and a year later "Catholic" college.
  • There is no question there were lots of confusion, disillusion and broken hearts during the early post-VatII years. Again, look at the statistics - the drastic fall in the number of priests, religious...etc...whole seminaries, convents & schools were closed. Meanwhile, everyone was being told (lies) that all of this was for the good of the Church. Part of my formation as a Catholic was when I hopped parish boundaries to go one town over, to a parish pastored by a priest who'd gone to seminary in the '50s. In the confessional and in the bulletins he taught right out of the old manuals and catechisms. Gave me my moral theology; how to examine my conscience to make a good confession. But this was 30 years ago in America, so the liturgy was standard Novus Ordo, Eucharistic ministers and all, because that's what the priest was told to do.
  • Meanwhile in southern England, a Catholic could find high church IF he was looking for it. The Brompton Oratory doing high Novus all along; the Ronald Knox Society at Oxford - bare Blackfriars was fine for them, and you had St. Aloysius too; Opus Dei at Grandpont House like something out of Brideshead Revisited. (Opus here was just standard low church.) My best Bible and my statue of Our Lady are from all that.
  • The charismatics: the other American Catholics who still go to Mass.
  • Especially if you're taking the Greek Catholic option, non-communing attendance outside of Sundays with the Orthodox is great. Definitely in the spirit of the almost all Western convert Russian Catholics, who aren't self-haters but all positive, in love with the East: "We have bishops! They just happen not to be Catholic right now." Understandably the Ukrainian Catholic exiles who were the first Eastern Christians I knew well and the first traditional Catholics I knew in person - took me to my first traditional Catholic liturgy, in New Jersey 30 years ago - didn't feel that way.
  • My wingman but not my Pope: libertarianism. Evictionism is the "stuff" I refer to.
  • Ecumenism. Played out.
  • "The main focus of modern Roman Catholicism on an official papal and episcopal level seems to be endless vague statements about social justice, universal brotherhood and ecumenical dialogue."

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