Saturday, July 12, 2014


  • Fr. Longenecker on video. Reminds me of the conservative Christian pastime of posthumously claiming C.S. Lewis, the quintessential sound Anglican. What would he be now, since the Church of England and Episcopalians are Modernists? My guess is, if it were practical in Britain, he'd be a Bob Hart extramural Anglican, but that's mostly American with a tiny following in Britain.
  • Archbishop Welby and women bishops. Fine with me; it's not the church. What strikes me is what strikes Fr. L: what rules? Somebody's said it's fitting they're voting for it on July 14, symbolically closing the book on the Oxford Movement.
  • My guess about the future of the Church of England: liberal high church (the new Anglo-Catholics) and "Open Evangelical"; credally orthodox but Modernist. It'll be disestablished for the same reason the sees in the Assize Sermon were being suppressed: lack of attendance. The conservative Evos will form their own church (a new denomination with the Africans?); along with the Catholics (Polish immigrants?) they will be a struggling remnant in an anti-religious country.

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