Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bleu et noir, development of doctrine, and pop-music trivia

  • St. Vincent and development of doctrine. The East has never dogmatized anything un-Catholic. Take "always, everywhere, and by all" (the ancient churches' consensus) and the Chalcedonian Orthodox' seven councils and you more or less get Catholicism, amazingly.
  • Orthodoxy's good points: grassroots traditionalism (the church is best when it's the Church Local), unreformed liturgy, and the church is fine as a loose communion run by custom; this Catholic adds, IF it is part of the Church Universal, which includes the West, which includes the Pope. Same essentials (Trinity, hypostatic union, Mother of God, apostolic bishops, images, Real Presence, irreformable doctrine); different rites (not idolizing one rite). My Tridentine Mass, like the Nestorian and Armenian rites, is the Divine Liturgy without the iconostasis (icons are great but optional).
  • Anglicanism's, as such, not just Anglo-Catholicism: services in English, the office for everyman, and a musical tradition.
  • Ten things to remember if you hate ecumenism. We hate indifferentism, not you-come-in-ism. Talks are to teach. Theology of return? You better believe it.
  • Derb on the red-pill blues.
  • Israelolatry. We owe them nothing. Before 3 p.m. Good Friday the head of the church on earth was Caiaphas; afterwards it was St. Peter. Besides, Zionism was secular.
  • Ad-sales drop cuts NYT profits by 54%.
  • I liked the Electric Light Orchestra. When it had the orchestra, strings; back then it knew how to rock too! At least how to do power-pop. It lost that when it lost the strings and chorus. Lots of songs with a Latin or Italian flavor; unusual for a band from Birmingham. Didn't know until recently that the name was nothing to do with electric lights; it was the Electric Light Orchestra. Similarly, which I knew, "Rockaria!" is "Rock Aria!" (Great music; bad '70s fashion.) Very European, very English; a nod to tradition in their way. (Like how the big bands would swing the classics.) Always wondered what the opera bit was saying and in which language. The Internet is such a great resource. Jeff Lynne has said it fits the song's storyline (opera singer hears rock and vice versa, and the rockers find that the opera can teach them a thing or two); it's saying, "Far far away the music is playing." I can be forgiven for assuming it was Italian; it's slightly messed-up German: From: Werner Bednarzik Jr. On record the opera voice is sung by real opera singer Mary Thomas. (RIP.) What she sings is a misspelled German phrase, namely: "Weit, weit in die Ferne, man hört, man hört die Musik." What correctly would be: "Weit, weit in der Ferne..." One article should be masculine, not feminine. Danke.
  • Bleu et noir. Or the blue period as a blues period. Crude Photoshopping. The Bonito Motel is a real place; all three photos I used to make this are mine.

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