Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cafeteria Catholicism of the right?

  • Fr. Longenecker on conservative criticism of Pope Francis. I'm no Novus Ordo neocon ('80s: "Problem? What problem? Give up your artsy old-fashioned stuff and become a charismatic; be open to the Spirit!"), which Fr. L reminds me of, but a lot of online traddie rhetoric on this is over the top and tiresome. I understand the teachings of the church so I don't need to go in for "Mr. Bergoglio," etc. Funny how the left has flipflopped, from "Nazi Ratzi" to putting Francis on the cover of Rolling Stone (for the wrong reasons: wishful thinking). Actually they're consistent: they think the Pope is the church because they don't believe in the church; they think he can make the changes they want. That's right: they're super-ultramontanists but real Catholics, traditional Catholics, aren't. I'm not about to give up on American liberty and the market, which to the left and some trads makes me part of the problem, but with trads and the church I'll agree that liberty is a means, not an end. "Do your own thing" = "every man for himself" = "just die already," not the gospel.
  • Dreher: All I can say in response is: Yeah, right, Rod. Nothing says "One True Church" like "weird," "obscure," "exotic," "hothouse," and "minuscule." Especially "minuscule." I'm not on a jihad against the man, such as writing a whole blog to attack him, except for what someone has pointed out to me, that his defeatism in the public square might be a false-flag fake conservatism; dangerous. He's conceited; so what? I appreciate the "crunchy" point and how Byzantium can fit that, but in his case, schism is part of his real religion, which is himself. 'Cuz if it's not "weird," "obscure," "exotic," "hothouse," and "minuscule," it just isn't cool.
  • "Let's not be uncritical about what our Anglican friends are up to, how they betrayed their own word where the Catholic Church is concerned, and how they have blithely gone ahead constructing a further and very formidable obstacle to unity." That's just it. I'm not angry at the Anglicans anymore, but I remember. They jerked Anglo-Catholics and the Catholics around, acting like they wanted to come back to the church, even Novus Ordo-fying their classic English services to sound more like the church (but that was probably more to try to create a new liberal church out of both, as I now realize), then reneging with women's ordination and now gay marriage.
  • News-cycle non-story that backhandedly proves Roissy right again: Sexual harassment at Comic Con? Please. My guess: lazy girls who want Daddy/the authorities to fight their battles for them (feminism: helpless damsels when it suits them; childish) rather than learn and use social skills to handle unwanted betas hitting on them. (Like most girls, they don't like betas, yet they're at Comic Con. Sometimes in sexy costumes.) Do I really think that they think some mildly autistic millennial boys dressed up as superheroes are going to rape them? Right, and Spider-Man's real.
  • On my Bonito Motel artwork, classic cars in the movies, and pop-culture changes. A forum about Wildwood.

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