Sunday, July 13, 2014


From Facebook:
Not a Dreher fan. Most of the time I think he's a false-flag operation by the Dems.
He has faults, like everybody, but he's intelligent and I don't hate him like so many online seem to. I read him occasionally.
I don't hate him, although I don't understand him at all on a deep level. He displays the worst traits of American culture when it comes to religion, as much as he likes to paint himself as Orthodox now. I read him every now and again, when others link to him, but I just don't find him all that profound. Plus, he's a false-flag operation.
I hear you but won't go as far. In religion he has a better track record of staying put than I do. Of course I feel bad that he left the church but I believe it was after 20 years and anybody can understand why: a huge shock to him, the gay priest underage sex scandal and coverup.
Sure, but when he runs into the exact same problem in Orthodoxy, he clings to the icons. He's a liberal on most issues, he thinks Christians should surrender on the key moral issues of the day, and he works actively to demoralize believers in the public square. That looks like a false-flag operation to me.
I don't read him enough to say whether he makes excuses for the Orthodox about that problem. Oh, good point! I never thought of him that way before. Rather fits my point about the temptation to privatize one's traditional Catholicism in America by hiding out with the small, cute, and non-threatening Orthodox churches, which it seems he's done. In SWPL America, as long as you don't threaten the status quo, you can be as high-church as you want. So his "Benedict option" might just be surrender in the public square, abandoning it. Traditionalists say all American religious liberty is that; I won't go that far but I'm learning.
You just figured him out.

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