Thursday, July 03, 2014

Entrepreneurial capitalism, how Communism fails, and more

  • From Jim's Blog:
  • From Radix:
  • Sidebar, answering "online Orthodox" (unlike converts, ethnodox often have nothing to prove since they don't have to justify to their countrymen turning their backs on their culture): The church, being both material and spiritual, is both local/tribal and universal (a set of beliefs, a propositional society, rather than a strictly tribal one). As I've written before, my view is the church as the Church Local/Tribal but in communion with the other Churches Local/Tribal, holding the same set of beliefs (the propositional, universal part) and run by custom. The difference between you and me isn't an alleged belief of mine in a totalitarian power squashing local churches, but rather that my communion includes the Pope, who has a special role as a caretaker sharing in the church's infallibility. So no to making an idol of the white race the way some schismatics idolize their culture or nation.
  • From Steve Sailer: The true story of the Tinder War on Women crisis. The Serious News Organs have been on a crusade to stamp out the Alpha Male Bro Culture entrenched among the Dilberts and Wallys of America in the name of gender equality. The truth of this story is more like a plot from "Melrose Place" 20 years ago.
  • From New Sherwood: Know your fallacies. Fr. Hunwicke: Argumentum ad homimen: I've devoted some posts to this phrase, neatly defined by Locke as Pressing a Man with the Consequences of His Own Principles or Concessions. I wonder if anyone can trace the origin of the more recent idea that it means "a personal attack".
  • From RR: Suspect promotion. The Navy's new vice-chief. Military values are naturally conservative but the modern U.S. military is not. On average, women don't have what it takes to lead men in combat; that's common sense. (A woman Marine commandant? Please.) Certainly hand-to-hand; also true aboard ships where sailors still have to do heavy lifting, fight fires, etc. (Having to use five or more people to do what four men can is of course bad.) Affirmative action makes such promotions suspect, the opposite of its ostensible reason to be, equality. (It's unfair because it's not about equal opportunity but forcing "equal" outcomes.) The left's narrative is reverse racist: it's supposed to be objectively good to promote someone for being black or a woman; it makes fighting sailors better at fighting because... "just because, OK?"

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  1. When I think of the CNO or Vice CNO, I think of an admiral who's commanded a carrier battle group and then a whole fleet such as the Fifth in the Persian Gulf, or an attack-submarine captain who later commanded all the subs in the Pacific Fleet, for example. I can see Admiral Howard ending up with two or three stars commanding some Pentagon support staff. A fine record, but it wouldn't have gotten a white Adm. Mike Howard the Vice CNO billet.


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