Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Fisking, that is, sailering, a mainstream article about "sexism" in tech

This set off my lie detector:
Sexism charges hit technology industry.
The narrative: Women are being pushed out of tech because the men in tech are big meanies. Tech would be better if it was 50/50 boy/girl, no question, because.... like, because, OK?

Reality: Women on average are less interested in and not as good at tech. On average they don't work as hard, hating the rat race, so they get out as soon as they can. The 30% of techies who are girls have earned their place there.

Interesting example of the distortion of Christian confession (which in the early church was public)/testimonial and of Maoist public shaming: forcing a tech exec to apologize to womankind for, get this, being kind of a jerk in college, nothing to do with his business.
The culture inside the Los Angeles start-up was not friendly to women.
You mean the boys in an office that makes a pickup app (lip quiver)... tell dirty jokes? Well, I never.

If you really think girls are afraid of the meek, slightly autistic men in tech offices, there's a bridge I'd like to sell you.

"Frat boys"? Actually most girls would like that. Weed out the wimps with this PC posturing, then hook up with the alphas before the women's looks hit the wall with age.

Feminists hate male desire, but they really hate it from men they think are weak.

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