Friday, July 04, 2014

Hobby Lobby aftermath, Cardinal Dolan's way of accommodation, and "Star Wars" vs. "Star Trek"

"Then they came for the Catholics..."
  • It's all those mackerel snappers on the Supreme Court. The evil HuffPo, run by that fine Orthodox Christian, Arianna dahling. The "Catholic" justices often aren't really Catholic (thanks a bunch, Vatican II), AND that's America for you: Protestants, or the Know-Nothings and today's politically correct are the same.
  • Frank Schaeffer on the papist menace. Is this the same Frank “Daddy Issues” Schaeffer who was a star of the Orthodox convert boomlet 15 years ago? (His dad was a sort of Baptist fundamentalist guru who got Jerry Falwell involved in politics, creating the religious right, such as it is.) He later wigged out and went mainlinish. It really is Rome (as in the church’s doctrine and traditions, not the opinions of whoever the reigning Pope is) or the abyss. Rod Dreher could end up like this guy if he doesn’t come back to the church.
  • Should the schismatics have a monopoly on selling out? Cardinal Dolan doesn't think so. The gay parish's A-OK; the Tridentine one gets patronized at best or threatened with closing. We'll keep being condescended to for now but time's on our side. Maybe our worst enemies in the church are still the Novus Ordo neocons, not the NCR wackos who don't take us seriously. Dolan's way is the American church's way for the near future, cozying up to social democracy, assimilating, wanting the same clout the church earned under Spellman but trying to keep it by selling out. But the church liberals are slowly dying; the Catholic remnant is conservative.
  • JPMorgan Chase asks staff to identify if they’re LGBT "allies." My answer: as born-again Christians taught me 40 years ago, mind your own business and don't pick on homosexuals; they have a problem. Not what JPMorgan Chase wants to hear. In corporate life, political correctness is out to get you. Been through that once, from the same Lord of the Flies millennial who scapegoated an older man.
  • Politics: In the early '90s, Dick Cheney talked common sense about foreign wars ("don't stay in Iraq"), as did George W. Bush in the '00 campaign, as opposed to Clinton in Serbia. '00 was the last time I voted for a mainstream presidential candidate; I was lied to. I'm probably out of mainstream politics for life.
  • "Star Trek" vs. "Star Wars."

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  1. From Facebook:

    Alas, Spelly, Cushing, and company had already sold out, though on other issues. They accepted the Warfare State; the Welfare State was inevitable.

    I thought of that, but I don't buy the left's moral-equivalence jazz, as opposed as I am to FDR's getting us into WWII, the draft, etc. It would have taken an iron man of a bishop to stand up to all that. About the only churchman I think who dared try, and got smacked down, was Fr. Coughlin. And Ike's warning about the military-industrial complex was right. In the end, Cardinal Spellman and the others were good Cold Warriors (of course good Catholics opposed Communism) and second-generation patriotic Americans, the type the bleeding hearts after the council were ashamed of.


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