Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is the church endangered in America?

Disturbingly, I see nothing that would prevent Western governments, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, and even the United States in the future, from hijacking the institution of the Catholic Church in their lands as was done by England in the 16th century, but this time in the name of human rights or the non-discrimination principle. There would, conceivably, be a schismatic/heretical Catholic Church By Law Established, a la the Patriotic Catholic Church or worse. And, what would be left of the "real" Catholic Church would be made an illegal organization, driven underground, and/or cease to exist for all practical purposes. As a practical matter, who could stop the British government from doing this? Who could stop Uncle Sam from the same thing, save the Supreme Court or a providential election? No one.
I'd thought of that.
The best defense of the First Amendment is not the Supreme Court. It is the Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment is grossly misunderstood. The Second Amendment's original intent was repealed long ago, with the practical destruction of state militias and the establishment of a large stand military. The Second Amendment that was was a defense of American freedom; the Second Amendment that is is not.


  1. From Facebook:

    It's sobering to stop and think how many of our bishops would go along with that. I don't mean it as a slight; I think only two out of the 16 English bishops remained faithful to Rome under Henry VIII.

    Right. Cardinal Dolan might keep having his picture taken with the president, because, damn it, Catholics have ARRIVED in American society and such churchmen don't want to go back. Cultural Catholicism as Notre Dame football; harmless to the status quo. Seriously, I still think the Catholic liberals are dying off and the American church will be conservative in 50 years, but they may be a persecution in between.

    1. Continued:

      Most of the Catholic institutions are on the federal dole. For all the fighting about the HHS mandate, that's mostly window-dressing. The Church makes lots of money off the federal government (look at how the Church is feeding at the public trough to take care of the flood of illegal immigrants that Pres. Obama is facilitating into our country). For the most part, what the bishops really want is money, respect, and an end to having to go to depositions where they get asked uncomfortable questions about how they responded when they found out that some of their priests were schtupping teenagers. Give them that, and they will go along with almost anything. Throw in a free lunch and lots of money for "social justice" ministries, and they will be enthusiastic.


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