Sunday, July 27, 2014

Living with the past: Roebling and Flemington, NJ

Roebling, NJ, a 19th-century company town that built the Brooklyn Bridge and others. A German, Johann Roebling, founded the company. The factory's now a museum. Town used to be very Catholic and Slavic. Reminds me of similar industrial towns in Pennsylvania. Lots of worker rowhouses and small ethnic churches including St. Nicholas Greek Catholic.

The only difficulty with the bishop that I know of was a language barrier when the immigrants, with limited English, tried to tell him they needed a parish.

Wasyl Panasenko clocks in. World War II displaced person.

The Alligator landing craft the factory in Roebling built during World War II.

This car has an interesting story. She's really a '56 Ford Fairlane but the chrome and the badge are customized for Canada so she's a Meteor Rideau. The owner told me most of these Canadian Fords haven't survived - rough winters. But this one's from the Pacific Coast, barn-stored by the first owners and restored by the second, in B.C. Beauty, eh?

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  1. First car show is at Roebling New Jersey yeah it was a bit cloudy at first when we got there in a little bit of sunshine a peek through. most of the cars pretty cool it was a few newer ones it mixed in but they have to have some new ones at these car shows that's a given. But they had mostly a lot of cool
    older carsof course my favs there was the Bel airs. they had the cars to me that look like gangster cars of the olden days. Cause to me those cars can be used to do weddings you know bring in the wedding party in, that's what makes them so neat looking and also the user's kind of cars are they do the old movies which is also neat. then it rained for part of the Day over there so we when inside the museum for the first time a lot of cool stuff on the walls about New Jersey that we didn't know or I didn't know. Museum there is a neat place to take a guess the little kids so they can learn stuff there was a few in there. After the roebling car show me went down to Flemington New Jersey a town we had gone to a few months ago. this town they have all the cars, and line up along the side of those curbs and they're playing a lot of Cool oldies music from the DJ and one of the side streets. On one of the streets they have a cool cars that park in one side of the lot and that's why I wish you all the good ones like tonight we stay down in Flemington about I don't know 3 or 4 hours or so.but the Flemington car show had better weather than the roebling car show. We enjoyed ourselves as usual, and why not we both love classic cars and everything they else that goes along with it.


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