Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Male feminists, white knights, and more

  • Soundings from the manosphere: Society, civilization, such as America 50 years ago, evens out the playing field of alphas and average men when men still have their natural dominant role. Average women and average men are happy to have each other. The manosphere explains that malicious people and ideas (sexual predators such as some alphas, people trying to break up families to use women as more wage slaves) changed society, cleverly marketing it as justice and female empowerment. Well-meaning conservative Christian men (white knights) and average or weak men are now disempowered and actually are contributing to their own disempowerment and loneliness by supporting the new cause. The sexual revolution: they don't get to have sex anymore. The left hands men's provider role to the government. A lot of women end up alone too after being used for a few years. Common sense: women aren't turned on by men who won't stand up to them.
  • César Chavez exposé. Filter out the writer's feelings about race and there are lots of interesting facts. He wasn't stupid; a master manipulator and self-promoter, an operator who built his personal empire, helped by being white liberals' pet. And the growers he fought weren't Anglos but Italian and Slavic.
  • Dominion Day, renamed Canada Day, North America's wannabe Fourth of July? Oh, Canada. So much conservative potential like the mother country. You'd think a country with the Queen and golden-coped bishops would be better than one started by free churchmen and unbelievers, but no. Those countries were hit harder by the "Enlightenment" and modernity than we were, even though our dodgy revolution was based on "Enlightenment" principles. Was it the Protestantism? Was it an effect of Catholic immigration to the U.S.? Anyway, bring back the Red Ensign.
  • From Face to Face: Big-time swindles: A specialty of Boomers and Silents for 40 years.
  • Sgt. LGBT. First, a reading from Ex-Army: I'm not one of those starry-eyed touchie-feely idiots who want to end war forever. The last time we tried to end war forever was, well, 100 years ago, coincidentally, and it killed a hell of a lot of people. No, we're a warlike species, and we can't end war without changing human nature. And every time we try to change human nature, it blows up in our faces, so forget that. No, what I want is to minimize war, and to do that, you avoid war unless it's absolutely necessary. Exactly. The military has its legitimate purpose, and military values are naturally conservative. Remember, Jesus praised the centurion who asked him for help. That said, as part of the modern U.S. government, the U.S. military is not conservative, as LRC's evangelical going too far with anti-militarism Laurence Vance notes: transgender recruiting. The Cathedral has branched off from mainline Protestantism to become the state's de facto religion, so you get social experiments like this, to the detriment of the military's true mission.
  • The Persuasions, "Looking for an Echo."

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  1. I still insist on calling it Dominion Day: http://thronealtarliberty.blogspot.ca/2014/07/the-roots-of-old-dominion.html I am not the only one, although we are very much a minority I am afraid. I agree wholeheartedly about the Red Ensign and I have one hanging on my wall.


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