Monday, July 14, 2014

Momentous Anglican news to rejoice at

In the words of Jim Bakker, I was wrong.

"It's true!"

The Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, "Good Shepherd Jr.," IS coming into the church with David Moyer. As a group, not just individually as I'd thought.

And with that the two Philly-area Anglo-Catholic parishes that were formative for me, Good Shepherd, Rosemont, and St. Clement's (people at Rosemont told me about St. Clement's), are arriving at their destinations: Catholic groups from each. They were refuges for me during the bad times after Vatican II; now, after Benedict the Great kick-started the conservative Catholic revival (already slowly under way), we're all in this together.

Another rector of Rosemont I knew is the monsignor ordinary for the American ordinariate.

I've been told:
FYI: The number of people who stayed behind at Good Shepherd, reconnecting themselves to the life of the Diocese of PA, was not "significant" as reported. At the first house church Mass of the Newman Fellowship in September, 2011, there were 95 people crowded together, while at Good Shepherd there were 35.
Visited Good Shepherd Jr. late in 2012 and asked Moyer to pray for me as I was trying to change jobs. Now I have a new career. A couple of families from Rosemont are at my parish, "with my blessing," Moyer says.

As for the story from England today, Damian Thompson imagines:
The Pope won’t lose any sleep over this, since he doesn’t believe that Catholics and Protestants should waste time debating irreconcilable doctrinal differences. His message to the CofE’s new women bishops will be: join me in spreading the Gospel.
I think our liberal high-church cousins (same creed, similar traditional liturgy) are up for that.

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