Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More on the sexes, and on the church

  • Roissy reminds me why I never watch trash like "The Bachelorette." I guess he’s OK with this television-cum-real life whore f*cking another man at the same time he was courting her? He's right that the man shouldn't have handled the breakup that way (because, beta or not, psychologically it was a breakup) and about women's condescension to betas at least when women are being semi-civilized. (Don't listen to what women say. Watch what they do. Mainstream relationship advice is lies.) More to the point, he never should have signed up to be on that immoral show; maybe he didn't know he couldn't handle it. Yeah, "walk like a man, talk like a man," but people aren't made for those situations. Just think, in the not-too-distant sexual market of the past when contraceptive cop-outs were rare and beta males were tougher men than they are now, this princess would have had to think twice before happily stumbling onto a vacation c*ck carousel. Right, reality. Why you need and want civilization. It takes all kinds, and civilization actually favored betas. Average men and women loved and needed each other. Also, isn't the show just a speeded-up version of modern dating? Makes you see why some conservative Christians condemn that and are trying to revive courtship (it's about uniting families, the girl's father's approval, etc.).
  • From Takimag:
  • "Reform the papacy; reunite the church." Sounds like stale ecumenical talk from 50 years ago. Long thread. So, would I leave the church if my least favorite Pope in 100 years is beatified? (Politically motivated canonization as a posthumous promotion for Popes is a big mistake.) Of course not. Just like with the last two canonized Popes, I have no devotion to the man, but some affection for John XXIII; I don't blame him for what happened, even though calling the council was a mistake. Paul VI wasn't a heretic and, pushed against the wall, held the line against contraception and took the hit for it. The church is indefectible. The Pope's office is Christendom's last man standing. Men who deserve canonization and veneration: Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitans Andrew (Sheptytsky), the patron of Catholics called to the East, and Volodymyr (Sterniuk), who surprised the world when Communism started to fall. Josyp Terelya was right: the Ukrainian Catholic Church still existed in the Ukraine; Volodymyr ran it in secret. By the way, we traditionalists are papal minimalists; "the Pope is the church" is a conservative Catholic misconception dating from after the council. Rather, a loose communion run by tradition that includes the West, which includes the Pope.

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  1. Andrzej Szeptycki doesn't deserve veneration. In the beginning of his career, he praised Poles who were also Greek Catholics. Then, in the 1930's he created the policy of an Ukrainian only Greek Catholic Church excluding Poles, Rusins and Russians from that Church. Afterwards, there was the Ukrainian Insurgent Army genocide of 100,000 Poles, which he tried to reign in but failed to control the ruckus he started with his ethnic.
    Note : 14% of Polish citizens in 1930 were counted as Ukrainians because of language yet only half of that number considered themselves Ukrainians preferring the title of Rusin or ruski with one "s".A


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