Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Please stop helping us," South African newspeak, and more

  • Thomas Sowell: "Please stop helping us": a primer on race. What strikes me is the left doesn't care about blacks. Because it doesn't see them as people, only as props: proxies, human shields, and cannon fodder in its war on its conservative white brethren. The answer is Anglosphere libertarian individual rights. The qualified blacks get the big break they deserve and we're all the better for it; political correctness, forcing everything to be proportional, by bloc, 50/50, etc., doesn't do that.
  • South African newspeak, which is lot like American.
  • From Takimag: Activists for a stupider tomorrow.
  • Fr. Hunwicke: Definition and dogma. It actually curbs wild speculation (the ultramontanes didn't get what they wanted, for example), and again, looking like we automatically canonize recently deceased Popes, or do it for political reasons, is a mistake.
  • The American Antiochian Orthodox (most Americans: "Who? Jewish, I guess") have a new metropolitan. Of passing interest at best but this might mean the end of another small counterfeit Catholic church, their Western Rite experiment. Word is he's dead against it, as are many churchmen in other jurisdictions. Orthodoxy is "the One True Byzantine Church." Byzantine and Catholic of course aren't mutually exclusive but their problem is they put Byzantine above Catholic. The church is open to their tradition; they're not to ours. Nice things about WRO: it appeals to the kind of old-school Episcopalian with real scruples about the Pope (he thinks papal authority and development of doctrine are Modernism's cousins; as opposed to what, Episcopalianism?), which I respect, and it's not Novus Ordo.

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  1. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Good to hear that the Western Rite within Orthodoxy is on the way out. It was always what the Orthodox accused the Uniates of being: a manufactured tradition that never really existed in fact before being set up by Rome. Of course, the Orthodox are wrong in saying that about the Uniates, but their view of the Uniates, I think, was instrumental in their approach to Western Christians: just create a fakey Orthodox expression of "Western" Christianity and hoover in the suckers who like icons and who have deep pockets.


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